What is this man doing? Why is he out there in the landscape, out there in the beyond?
Is he some sort of druid or sorcerer acting out rituals on a nature he can no longer control? Is he an artist preparing sculptural acts of being at the edge of the world to be wedged in the memory of time? is he a Goethean poet musing about science and nature through the harnessing of migratory birds from afar, allowing him to look through time and space? Or is he a scientist performing an ode to the pursuit of knowledge and truth about the world, his own being, and others in it? He is all of the above. He is, a man laboring on something unbeknownst to us, on a journey of a life-time in pursuit of truth of the beyond. 

Declination of Passerine, recounts the labor of the last research endeavor on magnetic declination and the seasonal patterns of movement by migrating passerines performed by the Biologist Jørgen Rabøl.

12:16, 2018, single channel, original format: 16mm, screening format: digital